Ethics and conditions of publication

Ethics of scientific publications

Ethics of scientific publications is a system of norms of professional conduct in the relationship of authors, reviewers, editors, publishers and readers in the process of creating, distribution and using scientific publications. Journal of Innovative development of economy develops ethical requirements in accordance with the recommendations and standards of the Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications (COPE). For this purpose have been developed the Regulations on the editorial board of the journal, the regulations on reviewing scientific articles published in the journal reflecting the duties, responsibility of the editorial board, editorial board, reviewers and authors of publications.

Terms of publication

Articles accepted for publication in the journal with scientific novelty, relevance, practical relevance, executed in one file (in Word format), which contains:

  • information about the author (full name, place of work of each author in the nominative case, position, degree, academic rank, country, city in Russian and English), email address, postal address and telephone number
  • article title, abstract and keywords in Russian and English
  • text of the article with highlighted headings: “Introduction”; name of the research part and sections, “Conclusion”
  • references in accordance with GOST


  • font Times New Roman
  • font size: name of authors, article title, abstract, keywords - 12 pt; the text of the article is 11 pt
  • indent 0.5 cm (set through the "Paragraph" window)
  • line spacing - "single"

It is forbidden to use automatic links, hyperlinks and automatic footnotes in the text. Manual hyphenation is not allowed.

Table set

  • font Times New Roman
  • font size 10 pt

Set of formulas

  • in the formula editor
  • all characters in direct font
  • font size 10 pt

Drawings (graphs, charts)

  • in Word editors, only black and white
  • font size 10 pt
  • must be executed on a separate canvas of the picture and must be grouped (ie, must not "fall apart" when moving and formatting)
  • the use of figures and tables, the size of which requires landscape orientation of the page, is not allowed. Rotating drawings and tables in a vertical orientation is prohibited


  • Bibliographic references to sources are made in the form of a list of literature that meets the requirements of GOST. References to sources in the text of the article are enclosed in square brackets: for example, [3]. If the link is referenced to a specific fragment of the text of the document, the reference also specifies the pages on which the reference object is placed: for example, [3, p. 90]
  • Links to upper case sources are not allowed

Volume of publication

The volume of publication must be at least 10 pages in A4 format and not more than 16 pages in A4 format.

Payment for publications

The publication of articles is carried out on a fee basis.
The cost of one publication for the author is 6 500 rubles.
The receipt for payment of the article can be printed by reference.


Russian, English (at the request of the author). If the article in the publication is submitted in English, then its full version in Russian should be submitted.

The journal does not publish articles containing signs of falsification of research results, source data and information, or plagiarism. The original text of the article should be at least 90%, it is not allowed to use special programs or macros that hide borrowed text when checking for plagiarism by adding hidden characters, multiple spaces between words, rearranging words, replacing letters of the Russian alphabet with English.